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Writing from Life

Australian writer and anthropologist Kavita Bedford will speak about her forthcoming novel Friends and Dark Shapes


The Art of the Interview

Novelist Adam Biles (UK) interviews writers for a living. But who interviews Adam Biles? UTV Founder and Director Magda Bogin asks Biles how he comes up with questions that take his featured authors by surprise.


Speculative Matters

Sheree Renée Thomas (US), a guiding light of the Afro-futurist literary community, and young Mexican writer Jumko Ogata discuss the role of speculative fiction in portraying and expanding the African diaspora experience on both sides of the border with writer and essayist Gabriela Damián Miravete (Mexico).


Writing in the Time of Corona

Novelists from four countries–Francisco Goldman (Guatemala/US), Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), Gina Apostol (Philippines/US), Jonathan Levi (US),–weigh in on how the epic experience of the pandemic has shaped their writing.


Black Holes and The Lure of the Unknown

As science unveils the mysteries of the universe, astrophysicist Priyamvada Natarajan (India/US) and novelists Alberto Chimal (Mexico), Victor LaValle (US), Annalee Newitz (US) explore the shifts that ripple through the imagination when the unknown becomes known.


Biology Meets Journalism

Investigative journalist Ginger Thompson (US) and evolutionary biologist Valeria Souza (Mexico) share the passions behind their pursuit of stories that resist easy telling and reshape the way we see the world.


Words of Witness

Poet Carolyn Forché (US) and pioneering Mexican journalist and novelist Elena Poniatowska (Mexico) speak about becoming writers of witness.