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How many students are in each workshop?
Enrollment in each workshop is limited to 12.
Is there homework?
No.  All your writing will be generated and revised in class.
Are students graded?
No grades.  Our goal is for you to take your voice to the next level, whatever that may be.
Can students receive academic credit for attending ?
We can’t automatically grant credit, but many schools have offered credit to graduates of Under the Volcano’s main program. We are more than happy to write a letter on our your behalf.
Can I list the program on my college application or resumé?
Can I change workshops every week within each three-week session?
No.  You will receive the greatest benefit from the program by staying in the three-week sequence.
Can I transfer to a different workshop if I realize I made the wrong choice?
We don’t encourage changes, but will take such requests on a case-by-case basis.
If I sign up for both July and August can I register for a different workshop in each session?
Absolutely.  It’s up to you if you stick with one genre for the whole six weeks or choose a different one for each session.
Will I receive written comments on my writing?
There is no expectation for written feedback, but you will receive suggestions from your classmates and instructor when you share your work online. You may occasionally receive written notes from your instructor if they feel it would be helpful in your work.
I’m shy. What if I don’t want to read in the weekly Open Mics?
We won’t force anyone to read, but we will encourage everyone to try at least once!
Can I apply  to this program if I’ve never done creative writing before?
Please do.  We look forward to working with you and helping you explore your inner writer.
Will student work be shared with people outside the program?
We love to share and hope you’ll be proud if we choose to share a piece you’ve written with potential applicants, media or funders. but we’ll only do so with your permission.
What if I sign up for both sessions and my plans change?
Please see the cancellation policy on our application.
I just graduated from high school. Can I still sign up for the Volcano 2020 Young Writers Program? 
Absolutely! We’ll be delighted to add you to the workshop/s of your choice.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes.  Siblings attending the same session pay $3000 instead of $3600.
What are the tech requirements for the program?
Probably nothing you don’t already have: reliable wifi and familiarity with Zoom.
Experience with Google Drive is also a plus.
Do I have to show a video version of myself during the workshops and allied group events?
Yes.  It’s important for all participants and the instructor to see each other to create a generous, inclusive community.
Why do I have to submit a writing sample?
It’s a great way for us to see what interests you.
Rarely, if someone’s writing shows a need for remediation, we will suggest another program and will refund the applicant’s tuition.


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