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Congratulations to the wonderful group of Volcanistas who made UTV 2024 our best year ever. We open for applications on July 1 for UTV 2025.

Alumni News

A conversation with Ivy Raff, UTV 2024 

Ivy Raff and I met in the poetry program at UTV in Tepoztlán this past January. We spoke again just as her debut poetry chapbook was released. I was surprised to find out that the poems in Rooted and Reduced to Dust were brewing for 20 years before they became a book.

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The Ultimate Reader

Journalist Diego Courchay’s (UTV 2019) latest piece is a slow burn of a tribute to his father, who died earlier this year of Covid in the south of France, where he spent his last year.

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Resisting Climate Change

Congratulations to Emily Raboteau (UTV 2023 alumna, non-fiction faculty 2019) on the publication of her much awaited new book, Lessons for Survival: Mothering Against the Apocalypse.

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And Thereby Hangs a Tale

Congratulations to the multi-talented Anna Maconochie (UTV 2019, 2020 & 2021, fiction) on her gently surreal story of a marriage that takes the reader on a tour of the improbable. 

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Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas Makes Waves with her First Novel

Tijuana-based writer Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas, (UTV 2019, Beca La Güera Trigos), is touring Mexico with her first novel, Aunque es de noche, winner of the 2021 Amado Nervo National Short Novel Prize. A unique blend of reality and fantasy, the novel builds on short stories Montserrat brought to her master class in Tepoztlán with Alberto Chimal.

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When Deed Becomes Word

Simone Scriven (UTV 2019, journalism) has written a stunning, magisterial piece that traces the evolution of the word ecocide as a term analogous to genocide, a concept that is gradually moving into the world of international law.

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Knotty Girl in the News

Melissa Watkins (UTV 2022, Writing with a Sense of Wonder), aka Mel the Bookworm, reads deep and wide, with a collector’s eye for work that feeds her passion for science fiction and fantasy. She doesn’t just read, she reviews. Prolifically. And she writes. Also prolifically.

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