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Resisting Climate Change

Congratulations to Emily Raboteau (UTV 2023 alumna, non-fiction faculty 2019) on the publication of her much awaited new book, Lessons for Survival: Mothering Against the Apocalypse.

Advance reviews confirm what we already know:  Emily is a fearless navigator across the genres of fiction and essay, as well as an intrepid inhabitant of the Bronx, where she gardens with a layered awareness of its indigenous ancestors, her own forebears in Louisiana’s bayous, and her sons’ uncertain future growing up in the crosshairs of climate change.

Talk about intersectionality! Emily’s positioned herself as a leading voice for the ways race, global threats to the environment and motherhood converge not just for city dwellers like herself and her family but for all of us.  Besides building awareness, the challenge is to create resistance but also resilience, which is also a summons to finding beauty in our surroundings. 

Resisting Climate Change - Under The Volcano