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Congratulations to the wonderful group of Volcanistas who made UTV 2024 our best year ever. We open for applications on July 1 for UTV 2025.



A space to dream, speculate and create new work

Set in one of Mexico’s legendary villages, Under the Volcano is an incubator of literary and journalistic talent, a catalyst for writers with books in progress and an international community that transcends borders, languages and place.

A writing residency like no other.

Highlights from

UTV 2024

Every year is different, but Under the Volcano 2024 was a community beyond our wildest dreams. Our participants had it all. Talent, generosity, diversity—who could ask for more? Enjoy this glimpse of our program highlights and the magic that brought us together.

Genre by genre


Under the Volcano master classes are open to emerging as well as accomplished fiction writers, poets and journalists, and offer high-level feedback and mentorship from award-winning writers in each genre.  A roster of distinguished guests joins our core faculty in a program designed to take each participant’s voice to the next level. 

In Their Own Words


“During my time at UTV, I built life-long friendships with the kindest people, received meaningful and encouraging feedback from a group of brilliant writers, and ate more itacates than I thought humanly possible.”

Izabela García-Arce

San Deigo, California

“UTV is an incredible, rich program, in a magical location, with the company of inspired writers from all over North America. Do yourself a favour and apply!”

Cairn Karrington

Manson’s Landing, BC, Canada

“UTV is like finding a magic place, a gathering of word-crafters from different countries, so you just don´t learn from the program, but from the knowledgeable writers around you.”

Javier Solórzano

Cuernavaca, México

Under the Volcano fosters a community of writers committed to craft, to society and to being agents of change. There’s no better way to be a writer.

Ana Portnoy Brimmer

Puerto Rico

“Under the Volcano is not just about the writing. It is a personal journey. Never has a combination of place, people and programme felt so powerful and inspiring.”

Natalie Hart

United Kingdom

“An unforgettable community that invests in you beyond the confines of the program.”

Rebecca George

New York

“The time I spent in Tepoztlán working on my novel was magical. It re-charged my batteries so that I could finally get through my first draft.”

Reyna Grande


UTV ha cambiado mi manera de entender qué escribo y desde dónde escribo. Me voy feliz y con toda la inspiración para seguir mi sueño.

Diego Arellano

Mexico City, Mexico
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