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Our January master classes are now full. See you next year!

UTV Master Classes

January 12-28, 2024

While specific master classes differ slightly in format, they share a common goal: to offer highly motivated writers an intensely sympathetic reading of their work, with strategic suggestions for revision. We encourage all participants to respond to each other’s work and to each other in the same spirit.

Registration for all master classes is limited to 8. Groups meet three times a week for a total of six 3-hour sessions. You will also meet at least once one-to-one with your instructor.

Please choose from the menu below in making your selection. Click on each image for a full description. 



with Sheree Renée Thomas

For writers of speculative fiction, short and long. Find the deep magic that makes your work sing for the reader.

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con Alberto Chimal

Un taller de creación nueva y puesta en escena de textos anteriores. Para cuentistas y/o novelistas.

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with Jennifer Clement

This workshop is based on Gustave Flaubert’s sense that a writer can imagine anything. It is often in the confluence of contradiction, found in metaphor and simile, where the most profound human experiences can be found. Fiction writers who also write poetry, as well as poets who also write fiction, are particularly welcome.

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con Rafael Segovia

Para cualquier escritor, la poesía es un exigente reto disfrazado de libertad. Al parecer, expresarse poéticamente debe ser un ejercicio espontáneo y nacido de la inspiración.

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Writing of Witness

Writing Of Witness

with Elizabeth Rosner

For those whose work arises from deep personal experience and radiates out to address the larger issues around it. Open to those working both short and long.

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Escritura y testimonio

con Sandra Lorenzano

Para escritores con proyectos que nacen de la experiencia personal, con un alcance que llega a tocar los temas sociales implicados. Para ensayistas, cronistas, periodistas y quienes inventan formas nuevas.

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with Elisabeth Malkin

This master class offers early career journalists from Mexico, the US and elsewhere the opportunity to look beyond breaking news stories to unpack the root causes behind them.

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Manuscript Coaching

Poetry Manuscript Coaching

with Keetje Kuipers

A small intensive format for poets with manuscripts ready for an expert eye. This will be a mixture of one-on-one consultations and group manuscript workshops. Open to both full-length and chapbook-length manuscripts-in-progress.

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Prose Manuscript Coaching

with Jennifer Clement

A small intensive format for writers with book-length projects ready for an expert eye, primarily via individual consultations. Open to both fiction and non-fiction projects.

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Coaching en narrativa

con Socorro Venegas

Un taller más íntimo para escritores con libros en puerta, con una lectura a fondo mayormente a través de consultas individuales. Para proyectos de narrativa y no-ficción.

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in their own words


Great teaching meets committed writers–it’s an unbeatable combination! 

Ann Stanford


I have never felt so supported to achieve what I want. I “leave” this experience with my heart filled with joy, with my brain like a Christmas tree, full of new ideas, and with a sense that I have finally met my tribe.

María Mínguez

Bay Area/Spain

UTV fue un detonador de ideas y conexiones. Llegué con una idea y volví a casa con la tercera parte de un libro. 

Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny

El Paso, Texas

“When I was feeling overwhelmed at the sheer talent and accomplishments of the faculty, a fellow writing student said to me, “The only difference between them and us is time.”

Martha Morrison

Toronto, Canada

“UTV is more than a learning experience set against a powerful landscape… it offers a mental space for creativity.”

Daniel Escoto

Mexico City
Master Classes - Under The Volcano