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Congratulations to the wonderful group of Volcanistas who made UTV 2024 our best year ever. We open for applications on July 1 for UTV 2025.

Full Named Fellowships


All named fellowships cover tuition for the program, accommodation in the village and RT transportation to Mexico City from a single point of origin in either Mexico or the US. Fellows are responsible for their transportation to Tepoztlán and should expect to pay for their own meals except for breakfast.  If needed, a modest stipend is available by request to cover daily expenses during the program.

Fellowship recipients are expected to be full participants in the UTV community.  They are required  to provide written proof of their availability to remain in Tepoztlán for the entire program and to attend all ancillary events, including group meals and guest presentations in addition to their master classes. Fellows are expected to work full-time on their creative projects and not on outside commitments while in the program. Family members are not permitted.

Poetry Fellowships

Thanks to a generous grant from the Poetry Foundation, we are pleased to announce two full fellowships for poets, one each in English and Spanish. Applicants should fill out the online application and submit 20 pages of original work, published or unpublished, a cover letter, a c.v. and two letters of reference from poets who know your work well. Los candidatos para La Escritura Anhelada deben de mandar todo su material en español.

Black Writers Matter Fund

This fund was established to ensure greater participation and visibility of Black writers as we work to deepen our response to systemic racism. Support up to full tuition is available for Black writers who are accepted into any of our master classes.

Full Named Fellowships


  • online application;
  • recent c.v.;
  • cover letter describing your reasons for applying and confirming your commitment to participate fully in all program activities;
  • 25-page double-spaced writing sample in Word or PDF;
  • two letters of recommendation from people who know your character and work.

N.B. Letters and all other supporting material must be uploaded from the application; we will not read items sent separately or after the deadline.


  • submit a one-page final report to the program director;
  • write a thank you letter to the donors;
  • mention Under the Volcano in their official bio as they share it on social media and in publications and on their cv;
  • agree to assist the program with future recruitment and by curating UTV events in their home community as appropriate;
  • acknowledge Under the Volcano in any publications that benefitted from the programs’s support.

In addition, all applicants for Spanish-language fellowships must provide proof of advanced competence in written and spoken English to ensure full participation in the life of the overall community of writers.

Past Fellowships

La Güera Trigos
Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny
Elsa Treviño
Itzel Guevara del Ángel
Mariana Roa Oliva
Rodrigo Méndez
María José Gómez Castillo
Selene Angeles Diaz
Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas

Margot Adler Fellowship
Jessica Camille Aguirre
Diego Courchay
Marcos Martínez
Casey O’Brien

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Fellowships - Under The Volcano