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>> Gobi Stromberg

Gobi Stromberg

Cuernavaca, México

Manuscript Seminar

Born in Seattle, Washington, I grew up in Mexico. Since the 50s, I have lived in Cuernavaca, coming and going between Berkeley, California -where I got a Ph.D. in anthropology- and New York, where I lived as a wife and mother for 10 years and worked for the Mexican Government’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I moved back to Cuernavaca in 1994, after the separation from my then-husband, with my daughter, Aurora Ixchel. After a long involvement in various spheres of academia and government projects in anthropology and the arts, I am now devoted to writing, which in the past has been more academic and about the arts of Mexico; and was published as books, essays and in the press. My fiction writing has been primarily in Spanish and published in Mexico.

Now, at UTV, I am participating in the Manuscript Seminar, on a book (in English) that traces the impact of my family’s exile from Seattle during the McCarthy period and explores my close relationship to the country that adopted and captivated me, informed and deepened through my studies in anthropology. Exploring the double-bound life between the two countries –Mexico and the United States, the book deals with my personal experience of exile and migration, identity, and the bonds that tie me to the country of my adoption.

Gobi Stromberg - Under The Volcano