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>> Deborah Stein

Deborah Stein

with Sabrina Orah Mark

Deborah Stein is an artist and writer living between New York City and a small mountain town in Northern New Mexico. She creates works on paper and writes lyric essays, literary non-fiction and prose and paints and draws in tandem with her writing. She writes into questions about nature, death, the complex systems of histories and truth and the landscape of place, self and belonging. Her stories are concerned with the refugees of her German-Jewish maternal line and her father’s upbringing in the tenements and streets of the Lower East Side in the 1920’s and 30’s. In Tepoztlán she will be exploring the space between picture-making and written forms to see what emerges, piecing together a series of stories of imagined ancestors and current hauntings. She’s presently obsessed with the cricket in Collidi’s Pinocchio and a family of squirrels on her fire escape.

Deborah Stein - Under The Volcano