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>> Daniel Escoto

Daniel Escoto

Mexico City


I am author of Mujer de pieles infinitas (novel, Ediciones B, 2012) , and my work has been published in Proporción áurea (short story collection, Libros del Sargento, 2012) and Te guardé una bala (anthology of essays on TV series, Abismos, 2015). I have a novel set on 12 th century Jerusalem , written with Beca Programa FONCA Jóvenes Creadores 2013-2014 . Since 2004, I have worked as scriptwriter and broadcaster for public and cultural radio .

Pasolini’s “Trilogy of Life” films, Bruegel The Elder´s p aintings of peasant life in the Renaissance and J. Andrzejew sky ‘s novel The Gates of Paradise (about the disastrous so-called “Childen’s Crusade ” ) are some of the sources of inspiration for my narrative projects .

Daniel Escoto - Under The Volcano