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>> Cristalina Parra

Cristalina Parra

New York City, USA / Santiago, Chile

con Rafael Segovia

Cristalina Parra is a Chilean writer and researcher based in New York City. Her first poetry book, Tamabelos (2021) centers on grief by exploring intergenerational experience, temporality, distance, and heritage. In 2023, Parra began working on Rasters in Abu Dhabi, a collection of satellite images and poems of Mina Zayed, Abu Dhabi’s now re-developing port. These poems, like raster data files, provide an effective method of storing the continuity of Mina Zayed. In this case, the grief Parra focuses on is more subtle, and it takes the shape of abandoned cityscapes, empty warehouses, and roads with no return. Being both a poet and Art Historian, she is now interested in looking for places where her two disciplines meet. On sunny days when she is neither writing nor studying, she likes to sit under the sun and do nothing but listen to music on her headphones, and if the weather is dark and rainy, she enjoys cooking for her friends.

Cristalina Parra - Under The Volcano