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>> Laura Rodríguez Presa

Laura Rodríguez Presa

Chicago, USA

with Elisabeth Malkin


I’m a senior bilingual journalist for Chicago Tribune. Journalism is more than a job for me, it is a vocation. A passion that drives me to believe that the world can be better if we find ways to connect with one another. That’s is why I added my second last name to my byline. Presa is my grandpa’s last name and he was the first one to emigrate to the United States from Mexico; it is a symbol of perseverance and love. I thank God for my family and the friends that surround me. They’re always there to celebrate me in my career accomplishments, but even more present through life experiences. They were, always unconditionally by my side when my dad passed away but also when I traveled to Tequila, Jalisco to celebrate my 30th birthday. I hold Mexico close to my heart because it is the home to my grandparents. Though far away from home, I keep it close to my heart. Through my writing, in the music I listen to and the books I read. I enjoy running and art exhibitions. And most recently, Donnie, my dog has reaffirmed me that love is beyond words. 

Laura Rodríguez Presa - Under The Volcano