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>> August Tarrier

August Tarrier

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Literary Launchpad with Tim MacGabhann

Co-Winner, Grace Paley Fellowship

Born in the US Midwest , I have lived in Philadelphia for the past thirty years. I have a PhD in English and have taught writing at various universit i es . Four stories from my collection I Hold You Harmless have won prizes for short fiction, including the Zoetrope Prize, and the collection was a f inalist for the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction from Sarabande Books. At UTV, I’ll be wrangling a novel called Mother of God , which I’ve been working on for a decade. It troubles me in the most beautiful way.

I am the Founder and Director of Songs in the Key of Free, a nonprofit organization hat collaborates with incarcerated musicians and artists to create albums and podcasts , and I have taught writing in prisons for the past ten years.

In the past year, I have fallen in love with a magnificent being, a horse called Pockets (and d are I say, he with me?) . O n any given day I can be found sneaking him carrots at the stables .

August Tarrier - Under The Volcano