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>> Ariel Sophia Bardi

Ariel Sophia Bardi

Rome, Italy
Writing of Witness with Elizabeth Rosner


Ariel Sophia Bardi is a writer and researcher. Born in Japan, and raised in the U.K. and U.S., she has lived, worked or reported in France, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Israel and the West Bank, Kenya, Uganda, India, Italy, Armenia, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Nepal. She has a Ph.D. from Yale University, where her research compared homeland-based nationalist movements through a visual culture lens. As a journalist and essayist, her writing has appeared in The Guardian, Foreign Policy, LA Review of Books, Columbia Journalism Review, Aeon, Al Jazeera, Slate, and The Atlantic, among many other publications. She was a 2021 fellow in the Logan Nonfiction and Documentary program and lives in Rome.