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Magda Bogin & Bob Nichols

Under the Volcano provides an instant community for working writers from around the world. Our program offers time for writing and revision every day, with evening readings by both faculty and participants.

While specific workshops differ slightly in format, they share a common goal: to offer highly motivated individuals an intensely sympathetic reading of their work, with strategic suggestions for revision.

We encourage participants to extend the workshop experience by joining our writer’s residency.

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Welcome to Under the Volcano’s 2015 online auction. We are immensely grateful to the artists, restaurateurs, home owners, writers, performers and institutions that have made this selection so exciting and diverse. All the proceeds from these outstanding offers go directly to help talented writers offset the cost of attending our January 2016 master classes in Tepoztlán, Mexico.

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Established in 2003, Under the Volcano is a ten-day program of writing master classes that convenes every January in the legendary village of Tepoztlán. Intended for committed writers with projets underway, the program is open to poets, short story writers, novelists, journalists, librettists, memoirists and essayists, as well as those working on projects that challenge traditional genre lines.

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All master classes meet daily for three hours, with a light lunch by award-winning Cocinar Mexicano served from 12 to 1 p.m. Initial work to be discussed in Tepoztlán is submitted in advance by email, with hard copy distributed on site. There is a 20-page limit for all prose submissions. Participants can expect to workshop up to three pieces over the course of the week.

Copy shops in the village can print documents via email or flash drives for work generated during the week. Laptops, plugs and cables, including extension cables, are essential for all workshops. Mexico uses the same voltage and hardware as the US.

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“I came away with a great many new insights not only on the craft of writing, but also on techniques for teaching my own classes, which was an unexpected plus.”

Next Session: January 11-21, 2018


Talent, but also truthfulness, generosity of spirit and an awareness of the infinite range of approaches to the literary arts are the traits we look for in both our faculty and participants. Our aim is to invite substantive, useful critique based on each person’s artistic intent, not to impose aesthetic choices of our own. Participants are expected to respond to one another’s work in the same spirit.

“One of the most stimulating aspects was the diverse and talented mix of participants; as a group we made up a whole range of ages, backgrounds, outlooks, so there was never a lack of lively conversation or interesting viewpoints.”