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>> Sindy Nanclares

Sindy Nanclares

New York/Medellín, Colombia

Journalism with Tyrone Beason and Alicia Quiñones

I am a Colombian-American multimedia journalist covering social justice issues, particularly those affecting Latinos in the United States and underrepresented communities throughout Latin America. Through rigorous investigative reporting and creative storytelling, my work in video and print (in Spanish) has portrayed the fight of translatinas to decriminalize sexwork in New York City, the women led-movement to access water in Mexico City and the threats faced by former FARC members in Antioquia, Colombia. My documentary Surviving 35, exploring the Translatina experience with marginalization and death in the United States, won the LGBTQ image award at the 2019 CUNY Film Festival.
Currently, I am creating a bilingual storytelling platform for young Latinos that uses video profiles and personal essays to showcase the wins and struggles of the Latino experience in New York.

In short, I care about politics, arts, culture, Latin America, and my pets (Aurelio and Lulu) —not in any particular order.

Sindy Nanclares - Under The Volcano