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>> Simone Haysom

Simone Haysom

Cape Town, South Africa


I’m a writer attracted to stories where truth is elusive, but also necessary; to small scenes that illuminate big narratives. The theme my work continually returns to is how we are shaped by place and history. I write nonfiction because I need to brush up against the skin of the world in order to understand it. I work as a researcher for the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime, trying to figure out how to stop traders using the internet to sell some of the world’s last wild creatures, and investigating the links between corruption and the illicit trade along the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. I have the privilege of editing memoir, reportage and essays by very fine writers for Prufrock , a South African literary magazine that publishes voices from across the world, in multiple languages.

Simone Haysom - Under The Volcano