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>> Sarah Clift

Sarah Clift

with Sheree Renée Thomas 

Sarah Clift is a screenwriter, film director and script consultant from the United Kingdom, based between Mexico and the North of England. In recent years she has begun writing fiction and is currently embarking upon a book of short stories loosely based around her feminist foibles. She has won numerous international awards for her short films, as both writer and director, and is currently in development of her debut feature film Spinsterhood, with support from the British Film Institute, an alternative look at life without marriage in working class England, ca,1800. Sarah has a second feature in development, The Life of a Saint, a folkloric tale about femicide in Latin America, written in Spanish.  Although she has completed many screenwriting labs, Under the Volcano will be her first in fiction, and also her first in Latin America. Sarah first came to Mexico ten years ago on a horse-riding trip and camped with local vaqueros and their families. It is one of her favourite places in the world.  

Sarah Clift - Under The Volcano