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>> Ruy Feben

Ruy Feben

Mexico Literary Coordinator

Mexico City native Ruy Feben is the author of the short story collections Malebolge, minotauro and Vórtices viles, which won the Mexico’s 2012 Comala National Prize for the Short Story. He has published essays in anthologies including Historias de malta, Te guardé una bala, Emergencias: cuentos mexicanos de jóvenes talentos and Hic Svnt Dracones in magazines and cultural supplements such as La Peste, Guardagujas, Los Bárbaros and Este País. He has been an editor, a reporter, a content creator for social media and a professor of digital narrative. He is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Writing in Spanish at NYU and is enjoyingt his first year as a resident of Harlem.