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>> Roxana Von Kraus

Roxana Von Kraus

Boston/Bucharest, Romania

Fiction in English

I was born in Bucharest, a city that I’ve never left. Bucharest defines me, makes me who I am.

Half of my life I wanted to escape Romania, the other half I searched for it. In 1976, when I escaped the Communist regime, I found freedom in somebody else’s land and meaning in a borrowed language. My book Meridians of the Heart is a fictional interpretation of life in my small Balkan country, unknown to most; a country betrayed by its geography and destroyed by a half a century of lies. When I emigrated I lived in Frankfurt, Paris, Asbury Park and now Boston, where I teach creative writing to veterans. My work is done on a volunteer basis and the course is free to all US veterans. I have an MBA from Boston University and an MLA from the Harvard Extension School. Fragments of my book were published in the Harvard Review .

Roxana Von Kraus - Under The Volcano