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>> Rebecca George

Rebecca George

Brooklyn, New York/Kerala, India
Journalism of Witness with Alfredo Corchado & Angela Kocherga

Rebecca is an independent writer from Kerala, India, who relocated during the pandemic to Brooklyn, New York, and has consequently had more conversations with trees than people – but that’s not a complaint. She is ineffably grateful to be a part of Under t he Volcano, and is here to join the movement of people trying to soothe this festering world through their words. Rebecca has a keen interest in the impact of globalization on the cultures and lives of rural and Indigenous communities, and is currently working on ‘Pawns of Progress’—a documentary film that follows the story of an Indian farmer and his family, and the absurdities of the global economic paradigm they’ve inherited. Her work has been published with Earth Island Journal, Vice Media, Homegrown India and a few more.

Rebecca George - Under The Volcano