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>> Pat Alderete

Pat Alderete

Los Angeles, California

Prose Manuscript Coaching
with Jennifer Clement


I was born and raised in East Los Angeles and currently live in the Highland Park area.  I was a teenager during the movimiento Chicano, which is reflected in my novel-in-progress and published short stories.  Many of the people I write about are long gone and forgotten, dead or killed in barrio violence.  I want readers to know them as they were:  sons and daughters filled with longing, love and pain.  Not heroes, yet heroic in their struggle against systems much larger than themselves.  I’ve been riding motorcycles for over fifty years and currently have a Road Star 1600 with a sidecar that I call my queen’s chariot.  My life is blessed with my wife, Mary, and our daughter Alicia.

Pat Alderete - Under The Volcano