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>> Nayeli Roldán

Nayeli Roldán

Reporter Nayeli Roldán received a Maria Moors Cabot Special Citation in 2023 in recognition of her work for Mexico’s Animal Político and other media. In the words of the award committee, which called her a journalistic benchmark in Mexico and recognized her an example of solid journalism in the face of adversity, Roldán “carried out investigations about corruption, embezzlement, violence against women, and espionage that both gained her respect and led her to suffer harsh consequences.” Her courageous investigative work, including most recently  an investigation on illegal espionage by the Mexican Army, has made her the target of public diatribes from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and his acolytes. As the Cabot citation notes, “This makes her a brilliant example of forbearance among fellow journalists from Mexico, and other countries of the Americas who continue to work under extreme pressure while suffering personal attacks.” 

Nayeli Roldán - Under The Volcano