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>> Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas

Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas

Beca La Güera Trigos
Awarded to a Mexican woman writer under the age of 45 who resides in any state of the Republic.

Tijuana, Mexico


I live in Tijuana, a city that shares the border with San Diego. I call myself a transborder person: I grew up experiencing “La línea” and I support migratory flows. I’m an elementary school teacher with a Master’s Degree in education. I’m also a writer, a reader and a feminist. I don’t believe in The Muses as a source of inspiration, I think that writing means discipline and patience. I do it because is a big part of my identity: I write to feel less afraid.

Montserrat Rodríguez Ruelas - Under The Volcano