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>> Miguel Ángel Hernández

Miguel Ángel Hernández

Mexico City
Fiction with Alberto Chimal

My life has taken place in Mexico City. With the chaos and unique charm of the city, I built my life in the south of the city with my wife, Yanira, and our pets Harry (named after Harry Potter) and Bolaño (named after the renowned author Roberto Bolaño).

The different turns in time led me to immerse myself in video production, audio design, graphic design and photography. I’ve enjoyed the possibilities of transmedia for my passion for the fiction in all its forms and colors. Stories of horror that make you reconsider your whole existence are my special favorites.

Now, I balance my energy between my specialization in production projects for education companies and writing and podcasting in my personal account @CuentosParaDormirFantasmas.

Miguel Ángel Hernández - Under The Volcano