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>> Melissa R. Sipin

Melissa R. Sipin

Carson, California


I am a writer from Carson, California, but now live in the SF Bay Area (USA). My work is in LitHub , Salon , Black Warrior Review , Prairie Schooner , Guernica Magazine , and Slice Literary Magazine , among others. As cofounder of TAYO Literary Magazine , I partnered with CUNY’s The Feminist Press to help establish the Louise Meriwether Debut Book Prize , the first book contest dedicated to Women of Color/Nonbinary of Color writers. Raised by two adoptive mothers—my paternal great-grandmother and paternal grandmother—I am hard at work on a novel inspired by my great-grandmother’s capture in WWII Philippines, and subsequently the birth of my grandmother in a war garrison, tying together the consequences of intergenerational trauma but also the great resilience taught to me by my two mothers.

Melissa R. Sipin - Under The Volcano