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>> María Fernanda Reyes Retana

María Fernanda Reyes Retana

Miami, Florida


I was raised in the very traditional Mexican city of Guadalajara, in a very traditional fatherless family. I’m the tenth of eleven brothers and sisters, I went of course to a Catholic all girls school, for twelve years. Even though the last 25 years of my life I’ve been traveling, and living in five countries, two continents and fifteen houses, I still come back to that part of my history. Even though I learned a long time ago that the world it’s not like my mother told me, I keep coming back to that time in my life.

To write it’s for me an exercise of decoding the soul, which drives my work.

I have a Masters Degree in Humanities and Literature and published two novels in Mexico and in Santiago de Chile, I have contributed in many art magazines, and art catalogs on contemporary art.

María Fernanda Reyes Retana - Under The Volcano