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>> Janae Phillips

Janae Phillips

with Sheree Renée Thomas

Janae Phillips (she/her) is a speculative fiction writer from the Sonoran Desert. She loves stories about the throughlines that connect people, places, and times, like her short story “Impressions,” appearing in Elegant Literature, wherein one disillusioned vampire learns the importance of community. Janae’s work often explores the complicated business of living a life; her novella Epilogues and Other Disasters features former world-saving teen heroes trying to pin down their soft epilogues as adults. Janae also practices storytelling through her experience design work, which she has utilized over the last decade as a nonprofit consultant to help community organizers across the globe deepen their impact. No matter what form her stories take, Janae likes to say her work is for magic makers and cycle breakers.   

Janae Phillips - Under The Volcano