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Dawn Post

Brooklyn, NY (Park Slope)
Writing of Witness with Elizabeth Rosner

I am an expert in children’s rights, advocacy and litigation, and the central theme of my work is that children and adolescents are entitled to have a voice and representation in legal proceedings that have a significant impact on their lives. To that end, I promote cultural competence to address the underlying issues of poverty and social exclusion based upon race and socio-economic status in the legal and foster care systems in the United States. Ultimately, I recognize that litigation is only one strategy in addressing the issues that plague the child welfare system, and I have been exploring using my voice through writing to elevate the voices of foster children, braiding my childhood experiences with those of former clients. It is my hope to bring greater attention to the issues that plague the child welfare system and the damage that foster children experience to the general public . I am incredibly excited to join the distinguished writers at Under the Volcano to work toward achieving this goal.

@ dawnjpostesq