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>> Ariane Blackman

Ariane Blackman

Toronto, Canada


Bio : Although it has not been my day-to-day profession, I have been writing most of my life – fiction, non-fiction including creative non-fiction and poetry. The hardest writing task has been to complete my mother’s memoir, which I probably started around twelve years old or thereabouts, when she started telling me her stories. At one time, a number of years before she died, I asked if she would like me to show her what I had. No, she said, she would do it herself. It might even be easier if she could dictate it.
I bought her a mini tape recorder – and abdicated my deeply felt responsibility.
As I was going through her belongings, after she died, I found the tape recorder, encased in the original packaging. I still have so many questions I never thought to ask.

I am a co-editor of Juniper, an on-line poetry publication. My poetry chapbook, No One Sleeps, was published by Lyrical Myrical Press in 2013. My latest poetry collection, The River Doesn’t Stop, was published by Aelous House in 2018. My novel, The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone, will be launched in March, 2019, through Ingram and Amazon.

Ariane Blackman - Under The Volcano