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>> Anthony Esposito

Anthony Esposito

Mexico City/New Jersey


Originally from New Jersey, I’m the son of a Chilean mother and Italian American father. I grew up in a bilingual home in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, and naturally gravitated towards Latin America. Ever since my first trip to Puerto Rico some 25 years ago I have been fascinated by the region, its people, politics and history. For the past three years I’ve worked as a correspondent for Reuters in Mexico City reporting and writing on everything from the challenges faced by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s new administration; the negotiations between Mexico, Canada and the United States to replace the NAFTA trade deal; to the threats organized crime poses to residents and businesses alike; as well as the story of the thousands of Central Americans escaping entrenched poverty, corruption and violence in an attempt to make it to the U.S. southern border in search of a new life. Prior to that I lived and worked in Chile for 15 years, where I wrote for Reuters, Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal and Business News Americas and collaborated with Time Magazine, Monocle and USA Today.

Anthony Esposito - Under The Volcano