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Poetry Manuscript Seminar

Keetje Kuipers 

This manuscript seminar is intended for writers with a full-length or chapbook-length manuscript-in-progress. The seminar consists of both group meetings and individual conferences with the instructor. The group meetings will function as manuscript workshops with an eye towards the macro, including identifying both the dominant and more subtle threads running through each manuscript, where the book may be longing for more material or less, and the possible organizational structures appropriate to the project. The intensive one-on-one consultations are designed for participants to receive individual attention and guidance to deepen their understanding of the work their book is attempting to do, while also providing more micro-level comments on the poems themselves. The instructor will give both written and verbal feedback. Participants will come away with a clear plan of revision and growth for their manuscripts, as well as ideas for where they might submit the completed work for publication.

Please note: The first week of the residency will take place in Mexico with individual face-to-face consultations. The second and third weeks of the residency will take place remotely over Zoom and will be run as manuscript workshops.