Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about Under the Volcano


 What is included in the price of the core program?

  • 6 two-hour master classes, for a total of 12 hours; 
  • 1 individual conference with your instructor;
  • Community of the Imagination series of curated talks;
  • Agent talks & pitch opportunities;
  • Weekly Volcano Café for drinks and interaction with fellow Volcanistas;
  • Closing Celebration;
  • Listing in our online gallery;
  • Membership in UTV Alumni closed FB Group;
  • Participation in year-round UTV Open Mics.

Do I need to know Spanish to participate in Under the Volcano?

Knowledge of Spanish is highly desirable but not required. We always encourage all Volcanistas to interact with one another across the barriers of language and that will remain truer than ever as we meet online.  This is a good time to review or polish your Spanish or begin to learn it!


 ¿Necesito saber inglés para participar en Under the Volcano?

Un nivel mínimo sí es necesario debido a que el inglés nos funciona como lengua compartida entre Volcanistas de varios países. 


What are the technical requirements for UTV 2021 workshops?

A PC or laptop with good internet connection and access to Zoom and other standard platforms. 


What measures will be in place to prevent outsiders from hacking our sessions?

All master classes will be password-protected and all larger events will be ticketed.


Do you offer financial aid?

Limited partial support is available within strict guidelines.  All financial support is based on formal proof of financial need. If you check this option on the application you will need to upload proof of your current monthly income and expenses and describe any extenuating circumstances in your cover letter.  Our resources this year are especially constrained, so we strongly encourage you to seek outside funding if accepted.

We also offer a number of full fellowships to applicants who demonstrate outstanding talent.  Please see the relevant page on this site.

Our Black Writers Matter Fund offers special encouragement and provides financial support if needed to qualified applicants (talent + need.)

Is it possible to audit a master class without being formally enrolled?

Yes. A small number of auditors may be accepted to certain master classes with permission of the instructor. Please email us for details.


How will participants in UTV 2021 submit their work to their master class?

All writing must be submitted as a Word document to allow for comments from your instructor and fellow participants.  Most workshops will require submissions in advance. 


How will  UTV 2021 be a community if participants are in separate master classes?


Don’t worry! The virtual world is full of silver linings. UTV 2021 has been designed to make the most of them by combining small, selective workshops with larger intra-group events, opportunities for improvised gatherings, and a weekly Volcano Café where all participants can mix and mingle in a new online environment.


Will any events during UTV 2021 be open to outside audiences?

Yes! The Community of the Imagination curated series is available to all interested parties as a separate package that includes the opening weekend conversations and our Wednesday Writer Series. 

What is the Volcano Café?

It’s a private Friday gathering on a new platform that allows all program participants to hang out together and share a virtual toast at the end of each week.

Still have questions? Send us a note!

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