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Congratulations to the wonderful group of Volcanistas who made UTV 2024 our best year ever. We open for applications on July 1 for UTV 2025.

Community of the Imagination – 2022

Community of the Imagination

When Reporting Meets Resistance

Can reporters counter a public resistance to the inconvenient truth with their own resistance against reporting the easy narrative? Four journalists—Alfredo Corchado (US/Mexico), Angela Kocherga (US), Karla María Gutiérrez (Mexico) & Tim MacGabhann (Ireland)—dissect the forces of resistance amid the growing drumbeat of misinformation.

Community of the Imagination

Speculation Matters

Three practitioners of speculative writing speculate on how fantasy and imagination can push the boundaries of storytelling. With panelists Alberto Chimal (Mexico), Sheree Renée Thomas (US) & Verónica Murguía (Mexico)

Community of the Imagination

Urgency and Agency

When everything seems like an emergency, how can writers keep control of their own narratives? A conversation with novelists Elizabeth Rosner (US) & Jennifer Clement (Mexico/US)

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