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Volcano 2020 Young Writers Program
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    Explore your options. Registering for both sessions?
    Stay in the same workshop all summer or mix and match!
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    Please read this agreement carefully before checking the box below.

    We understand that the Volcano 2020 Young Writers Program and its parent organization, Under the Volcano International, Inc., reserve the right to capture photographic, video, written, spoken and other digital or analog media records of any of its programs and participants. However, Under the Volcano will not use any media record of the participant outside the framework of the Program without first obtaining the participant’s and his/her/their parent’s/guardian’s express permission.

    Participants and their families agree not to reproduce or circulate screenshots or audio records of program workshops or individual participants without the teacher’s, participant’s or the Program’s express permission, as appropriate.

    Participants also agree not to share the work of any other participant without that person’s express consent.

    We understand that some of the services and activities in which the participants will
    engage are provided or conducted by independent contractors who are neither
    employees or agents of the Program, and that Under the Volcano International, Inc. does not supervise or control those contractors and is not legally liable or responsible for their conduct

    We agree to release Under the Volcano International, Inc. from any and all claims, liabilities, suits or expenses for injury, damage, death or other loss related to my/my child’s enrollment or participation in Volcano 2020 Young Writers Program.

    Payment in full for either or both sessions is due with application. Accepted participants will be entitled to a full refund in the event of insufficient registration for the program or due to force majeure. Notification of program cancellation for insufficient registration will be made no later than July 1. No refunds will be made once payment has been received.

    Volcano 2020 Young Writers Program relies on Zoom and standard Google platforms. Participants will need either a laptop or desktop computer and a reliable internet connection.
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    We're interested in you as a person. Send us a page in any genre that gives us a window into who you are. (Participation in the program is not based on your sample.)

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