Founded in 2003, Under the Volcano is an incubator of literary talent, a catalyst for writers with books in progress and a diverse community of writers that transcends borders, languages, time and place.

Now in its seventeenth year, and structured as a non-profit that subsidizes more than half its participants, the program has blossomed into a bilingual literary immersion and residency that attracts accomplished poets, novelists, memoirists, essayists, journalists and screenwriters from Mexico, the US and around the world. 

The goal is always to identify and encourage talented writers, whether published or unpublished, advanced or emerging. Increasingly, thanks to our growing body of committed alumni, the program’s reach extends beyond our village through events that take our readings and conversations home to places such as Mexico City, San Francisco, London or New York.


"Under the Volcano is not just about the writing. It is a personal journey. Never has a combination of place, people and programme felt so powerful and inspiring."

NATALIE HART, United Kingdom

“I had been hungry for an opportunity to write in Mexico, my ancestral homeland. The energy of Tepoztlán nurtured my creative process and allowed me access to stories I’d forgotten.”


"This residency has done more than change my words; it has given me an ongoing community to help give these words meaning."

ERIN SOROS, Vancouver, Canada

"Magic happens when you meet like-minded writers who can help you see your work and obstacles from a higher elevation. to do this in a place of such natural beauty and energy is an incredible opportunity."

MAUREEN FAN, San Francisco, California

"My time in Tepoztlán helped me contrast my lived experience in the West as a Native woman with a different landscape and community. I met writers from all over the world, broadened my networks, and made friends that will be with me for a lifetime."


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