Volcano 2020 has been designed to model the creative process. Over the course of each three-week session, participants will see their writing progress from inspiration to performance to publication.
In weeks # 1 and # 2, students will generate new writing, share it online, and revise and polish their best pieces based on feedback from their workshop peers and instructors. 
In Week #3, we’ll focus on publication. With guidance from their workshop instructor, participants will select their strongest piece for inclusion in our digital anthology.
By the end of each three-week session, our student writers will have a portfolio of polished pieces – poems, stories, essays or articles – to feel proud of.

The first two hours

of each class will be highly interactive, connecting all twelve writers in group discussions and writing exercises. Participants will be sharing work and responding to each other’s ideas in a dynamic exchange led by their instructor.


is designed for individual writing time. Expect  ideas for revision along with prompts  for new pieces that will feed into the next day’s conversation. This magical third hour means  there will be no homework in the program, although  once you get inspired you’re free to burn the proverbial midnight oil and keep writing in your own free time.

Guest Writer series EVERY WEDNESDAY

We have a lineup of exciting guests—published authors and literary figures who’ll be joining us for an hour  every Wednesday to share their work and insights, with a live Q & A for participants.


Our third hour every Friday will be an all-group Open Mic. Step onto our virtual stage, throw shyness aside and  share your work with the whole program.



You’ll be generating poems, short stories and brief essays and even try your hand at monologues. Ideas that capture your imagination one day may grow in length and depth from one day to the next as you begin to see their potential, and you’ll discover where your strengths lie.  If you’re comfortable writing poetry, you may find that you’ve suddenly become a fiction writer, or vice versa.  Or that a dramatic streak you didn’t know you had gives your voice a whole new reach. This is a workshop for exploring and expanding your creativity in the whole range of genres.


This workshop is for those drawn to telling their own story or portraying others—whether family, friends or distant strangers. Some might call it memoir, others autobiography, others literary non-fiction. We’d like you to think of it as a chance to stretch the limits of your empathy and understanding as you explore some of the issues of our time through writing that is at once personal and wider in scope. Participants may wish to use this workshop as a way to test ideas for college essays. Your instructor is an expert coach who can offer specific guidance on how to tailor your writing for that purpose.


In this workshop you’ll write news, feature stories and profiles as well as shoot and write video—on your iPhone! Working with a practicing journalist, you’ll conduct interviews, do research and expand and polish a new article each week so that by the end of the session you’ll have a solid portfolio with three finished pieces. You’ll pitch ideas to your whole group and refine them day by day with feedback from your workshop peers and the instructor. With luck and effort, you may even land a chance to publish your pieces online or in print.

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