UTV 2021

We’re excited to welcome this year’s Volcanistas to Under the Volcano 2021. Once you select a twice weekly master class, we encourage you to view the overall program as a personal creative retreat (with great company!) and to build blocks of writing time into your calendar for April.  Here’s a sample program to print out. All add-on activities are optional. Insert our typewriter icon wherever you can make time to write. We’ve already given you the weekends!


9 am PST     *     11 am MEX     *     12 noon EST     *     5 pm UK    *    6 pm EUR

Poetry with Cyrus Cassells:  Tues/Friday

Fiction with Alberto Chimal (in Spanish): Tues/Friday

Poetry with David Huerta (in Spanish): Mon/Friday

Journalism with Tyrone Beason & Alicia Quiñones: Mon/Thursday

Literatura y Testimonio with Sandra Lorenzano (in Spanish): Mon/Thursday

Manuscript Seminar with Verónica Murguía (in Spanish): Tues/Thursday

Literary Launchpad with MacGabhann: Mon/Friday

Writing of Witness with Elizabeth Rosner: Tues/Friday

Manuscript Seminar with Aysegül Savas: Tues/Thursday

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