In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, we share the grief but also the rage of African Americans and people of all backgrounds, especially people of color, in the United States and beyond.


The resulting outcry is a wake-up call that will resonate for years to come.  


George Floyd’s murder, in broad daylight, could have gone unnoticed, especially since the initial police report was falsified. But there were witnesses, and their horrific video made us all witnesses.  


As the fog begins to lift after months of quarantine and lockdown, we have also witnessed the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on people of color, including immigrants and Native Americans.


None of this is news, and yet it is: as never before, as never before, despite the countless acts of racial injustice all around us, we have literally and metaphorically been brought to our knees before the undeniable truth that endemic racism continues to exact a cruel, daily, penetrating toll on the lives of millions.


We are also deeply aware of the systemic racism and discrimination towards indigenous people in Mexico, where  for 18 years most of our programs have been held. Even as we move online, our roots in Mexico make that country not just our virtual but our real home.  


Under the Volcano was launched with a commitment to diversity and to promoting the voices of writers across boundaries and borders of all kinds.  As writers and journalists, our mission is to tell stories that matter and to create work that bears witness. We will continue to encourage writing across a whole spectrum of styles and concerns and to welcome writers from all backgrounds. But today we reaffirm that commitment with the understanding that good intentions are no longer enough.


What happens to a dream deferred? Langston Hughes asked. We all know the answer. If this week’s riots, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., are “the language of the unheard,” we must begin by listening.


Moving forward, in consultation with our alumni, faculty and advisers from communities of color in the United States and with our supporters and alumni in Mexico, we pledge to take specific steps to ensure that all our programs truly represent the constituencies of writers in the countries we love and beyond. 


We will update this statement as soon as we are able to define our plans.


In solidarity…


utv 2021
January 9-30, 2021

Tepoztlán, México


A multi-faceted program that aims to bringeach writer’s voice to the next level…





UNDER THE VOLCANO is an international program of writing master classes that convenes every January in Tepoztlán, Mexico, an hour outside Mexico City in the foothills of the great volcanoes. Our award-winning faculty spans the English-speaking and Hispanic worlds.

The core writing program is open to poets, novelists, short story writers, investigative journalists, memoirists, essayists and screenwriters, as well as those working on projects that challenge traditional genre forms. Optional add-on’s include a two-week extension residency and flash master classes.

Registration for the core master classes is limited to eight. Both accomplished and emerging writers are strongly encouraged to apply. Workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.

Our alumni have published novels, stories, poetry chapbooks, memoirs and articles, been admitted to top MFA programs and residencies, signed with leading literary agents and won prizes and honors that include a National Book Award, the Premio Nacional de Novela Tamaulipas, the Premio Quimera Literatura Queer and the Write Stuff competition at the London Book Fair.

Full fellowships and partial financial aid are available to qualified applicants.

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Save the date! We're delighted to be Taking the Conversation Home on Wednesday, August 12th, at 4:30pm PST, 6:30 MEX & 7:30 EST, with writers
@elizabethrosner and @devislaskar
Join the livestream via Facebook!

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Wednesday August 5th, from Australia to Chile! Writing from Life: Kavita Bedford in Conversation with Rebecca Levi will be the next event in our series of #TakingtheConversationHome. Join us! ♥️🌋.
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#JOURNALISTS!!! Take your work to the next level next January as part of Under the Volcano’s innovative community of writers from around the world. Apply now for The Decisive Moment, an intensive #masterclass with #sciencejournalists Iván Carrillo and Lynne Walker. Distinguished guest presenters. January 9-29, 2021. Several #fullfellowships available. Details:
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Next Wednesday July 29th we’ll continue with our series of Taking the Conversation Home events, we’re looking forward to this exciting conversation!
“All over the map: a reporter reflects on covering race in a divided America”. Los Angeles Times 2020 presidential campaign reporter Tyrone Beason in conversation with UTV Director Magda Bogin.
Join us in this Facebook livestream! #investigativejournalism #racism #race #utv2021 #journalists #reporters #writingmasterclasses #journalismmasterclass #jounalismworkshop

Poets, fiction writers, essayists, memoirists & journalists! Join accomplished peers from around world as part of Under the Volcano’s 18th season of master classes. Our Community of the Imagination convenes online from January 9-29, 2021. Apply now. Full fellowships and partial financial aid available to qualified applicants (talent+need). Details at our webpage, link in bio!
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Tomorrow! @theginamaria @curveofjoy and @anaportnoybrimmer will take the conversation home along with @pilsencommunitybooks in this fantastic reading of their work. Join us via Facebook Live, 7:30 EST🌋♥️ #utv2021 #latinxwriters #sandracisneros #underthevolcano2020 ...

Join us this Wednesday on Facebook Live! Under the Volcano is #TakingtheConversationHome with our Sandra Cisneros Fellows Gina Balibrera, Red Samaniego and Ana Portnoy Brimmer. Let’s pretend we’re all together, in a beautiful summer afternoon, at Chicago-based Pilsen Community Books, co-host of this event, to hear our Volcanistas read their work 🌋♥️ #utv2021 #writing #writingcommunity #latinxwriters

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#Repost @timmacgabhann with @get_repost
These arrived the other day — all twelve are earmarked for friends here, but, if you want to buy your own, ebook and hardback available here:
If you're in the US, there's good news: my first novel, Call Him Mine, is out there from July 16th. I guess the best thing to do is order via your local bookseller, or Amazon US if the price is better for you.
If you're in Mexico, both novels are available for preorder: Call Him Mine is out on August 11th, in hardback, paperback, and ebook, and How to Be Nowhere is out in ebook only on July 23rd. Because we're still looking for a distributor to get copies to bookshops here — and I'm grateful for any recommendations you might have on that — for the moment you can only get them via Amazon MX:
Si estás en México, ambas novelas están ya en preventa: CALL HIM MINE, en pasta dura, pasta blanda, y ebook a partir del 11 de agosto. HOW TO BE NOWHERE, la segunda, sale en Kindle el 23 de julio. Como seguimos en la búsqueda de un distribuidor de confianza pa'que salgan en librerías (y agradezco cualquier recomendación que tengan), por el momento solo se venden a través de Amazon MX:

Volcano alert! 🌋 On may 4th, the poets Cyrus Cassells and Kristina Bicher (@okbichr) will launch their new chapbooks and participate in this conversation with Magda Bogin. Livestream available at, join us!🌋 .
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The Volcanistas are Taking the Conversation Home! Join us in our upcoming events 🙂 #utvmx #utv2020 #TakingtheConversationHome ...

¡Hey, Morelos! El próximo sábado 29 de febrero, @robin_ep_myers presenta su libro Tener/Having en @rojocafeylibros en #Cuernavaca. ¡Acompañémosla! #volcanistas 🌋#perfectvision #visiónperfecta #utv2020 ...

Nuestro último desayuno. ¡Vamos a extrañar #utv2020! ¡Hasta el próximo año! ♥️🌋 #perfectvision #visiónperfecta #utvmx ...

Today is the first day of our extended residence! We have a date with the sun, birds and words. Write your hearts out, #volcanistas! ♥️🌋💪🏼
¡Hoy es el primer día de nuestra residencia! Tenemos una cita con el sol, los pájaros y las palabras. ¡A escribir con el corazón, volcanistas! ♥️🌋💪🏼 #writinglife #amwriting #utvmx #utv2020 #perfectvision #visiónperfecta #escribir #wordsmatter

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¡No se pierdan el día de hoy 18 de enero a las 2pm este increíble evento!
Ayşegül Savaş , Gabriela Damián, Nelly Rosario, Tim MacGabhann y Francisco Cantú son los cinco autores que te esperan para hablar de sus más recientes obras.
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Last Sunday the Under the Volcano community enjoyed a delicious literary brunch at La Sombra del Sabino bookshop 📚🌋✨ #utvmx #utv2020 #perfectvision #visiónperfecta #volcanistas ...

Nuestra comunidad de #volcanistas #utvmx #utv2020

El discurso de David Huerta al recibir el premio FIL de Lenguas Romances fue profundamente conmovedor: “El mejor poema del mundo es la mente humana”. Además de las luminosidad, alegría y fraternidad de sus palabras incluyó, en ese poema imaginario, las palabras de la viuda de Julio César Mondragón, Marisa Mendoza: “Vivimos en el mundo del dolor”. #FILGuadalajara2019 ...

¡Ya casi nos vamos a la #filguadalajara2019 para disfrutar de los reconocimientos, presentaciones de libros, charlas y conferencias de quienes forman parte de la comunidad #UTVmx! Sigan los pasos de @albertochimal #mónicalavín #DavidHuerta y #LuisaValenzuela. ¡Por allá nos vemos ♥️🌋! ...

Ya estamos calentando motores para #utv2020 #perfectvision desde #tepoztlanpueblomagico

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Hoy a las 12:00, en el Palacio de Bellas Artes, se realizará un homenaje a nuestro querido David Huerta, de quien tenemos la inmensa fortuna que sea titular del taller de poesía en Under the Volcano. ¡Una celebración más que merecida! ♥️🌋 ...

Anoche hubo conjunción Under the Volcano en la presentación de Un lugar seguro, el primer libro de ensayos de @oliviateroba, quien será becaria de La Página Dorada en #UTV2020, de la mano de @yolandasegura y @miradavaga, becaria de La Página Dorada en #UTV2019. ¡Recomendamos su lectura! 🌋 ...

Today! Don’t miss the deadline. Apply to our wonderful Screenwriting Master Class with @5247ecn before midnight🌋
¡Hoy es el día! Tienen hasta la medianoche para enviarnos sus solicitudes e inscribirse al taller de guionismo con Dev Benegal.

TOMORROW is the DEADLINE! Apply by midnight 11/4 for SCREENWRITING MASTER CLASS with director @benegal in Tepoztlán/
¡MAÑANA es el último día para solicitar un lugar en nuestra clase Magistral de Guionismo con el director Dev Benegal! +Info: (link in bio). #screenwriting #writingprogram #screenwriters #guionistas #guionismo #cine #cinema #utv2020

To keep celebrating Women Writer’s Day (#DíadelaEscritora) read our interview with Argentinian author Luisa Valenzuela, faculty member of Under the Volcano and legendary Latin American writer. She just won the Carlos Fuentes Award for her outstanding career. Congratulations! Go to: ...

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