In the wake of the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, we share the grief but also the rage of African Americans and people of all backgrounds, especially people of color, in the United States and beyond.


The resulting outcry is a wake-up call that will resonate for years to come.  


George Floyd’s murder, in broad daylight, could have gone unnoticed, especially since the initial police report was falsified. But there were witnesses, and their horrific video made us all witnesses.  


As the fog begins to lift after months of quarantine and lockdown, we have also witnessed the disproportionate impact of COVID19 on people of color, including immigrants and Native Americans.


None of this is news, and yet it is: as never before, as never before, despite the countless acts of racial injustice all around us, we have literally and metaphorically been brought to our knees before the undeniable truth that endemic racism continues to exact a cruel, daily, penetrating toll on the lives of millions.


We are also deeply aware of the systemic racism and discrimination towards indigenous people in Mexico, where  for 18 years most of our programs have been held. Even as we move online, our roots in Mexico make that country not just our virtual but our real home.  


Under the Volcano was launched with a commitment to diversity and to promoting the voices of writers across boundaries and borders of all kinds.  As writers and journalists, our mission is to tell stories that matter and to create work that bears witness. We will continue to encourage writing across a whole spectrum of styles and concerns and to welcome writers from all backgrounds. But today we reaffirm that commitment with the understanding that good intentions are no longer enough.


What happens to a dream deferred? Langston Hughes asked. We all know the answer. If this week’s riots, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., are “the language of the unheard,” we must begin by listening.


Moving forward, in consultation with our alumni, faculty and advisers from communities of color in the United States and with our supporters and alumni in Mexico, we pledge to take specific steps to ensure that all our programs truly represent the constituencies of writers in the countries we love and beyond. 


We will update this statement as soon as we are able to define our plans.


In solidarity…


utv 2021
January 9-30, 2021

Tepoztlán, México


A multi-faceted program that aims to bringeach writer’s voice to the next level…





UNDER THE VOLCANO is an international program of writing master classes that convenes every January in Tepoztlán, Mexico, an hour outside Mexico City in the foothills of the great volcanoes. Our award-winning faculty spans the English-speaking and Hispanic worlds.

The core writing program is open to poets, novelists, short story writers, investigative journalists, memoirists, essayists and screenwriters, as well as those working on projects that challenge traditional genre forms. Optional add-on’s include a two-week extension residency and flash master classes.

Registration for the core master classes is limited to eight. Both accomplished and emerging writers are strongly encouraged to apply. Workshops are offered in both English and Spanish.

Our alumni have published novels, stories, poetry chapbooks, memoirs and articles, been admitted to top MFA programs and residencies, signed with leading literary agents and won prizes and honors that include a National Book Award, the Premio Nacional de Novela Tamaulipas, the Premio Quimera Literatura Queer and the Write Stuff competition at the London Book Fair.

Full fellowships and partial financial aid are available to qualified applicants.

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Hope we’ll see you again next January in Tepoztlán. Take a look to our new website and check out the masterclasses! 🌋 #utvmx2022

Good memories from our last time together in #Tepoztlán. How about some tacos de guisado por lunch? How much do you miss UTV and Mexican food? ♥️🌮🌋. ...

Avistamiento de “Volver a casa” (Planeta, 2019), de nuestra querida Ayşegül Savaş (@__aysegulsavas__ ), ex alumna y profesora de UTV, en la @librerias_gandhi de Cuernavaca. ¡Estamos felices de poder leerla en español! ...

UTV 2022 will take place next January 7-28 in Tepoztlán and online. Take a look at our new website and join us! ...

UTV 2022 will take place next January 7-28 in Tepoztlán and online. Take a look at our new website and join us! ...

UTV 2022 will take place next January 7-28 in Tepoztlán and online. Take a look at our new website and join us! ...

Have you heard of the amazing panels in our #UTV21 Community of the Imagination series?
You still have time to participate, starting tomorrow with "Writing in the Time of Corona." 🌋♥️
Check the link in bio for more info!

Nelly Rosario will lead our conversation with #AfroLatinoWriters and #BlackWriters to discuss #AfroFuturism and the role of speculative fiction in portraying the African diaspora experience. LINK IN BIO FOR TICKETS! ...

Quedan pocos días para solicitar una beca y formar parte de este fabuloso taller de periodismo conducido por #TyroneBeason y #AliciaQuiñones, que reflexiona acerca del oficio periodístico en tiempos de pandemia. ¡Chequen los detalles en nuestra página! ...

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