with Dev Benegal

How can a screenplay find its place as a literary work when it is rewritten at every stage of its existence through all stages of production?

Combining all-group sessions and focused one-on-one conferences, we begin by identifying the story each participant wants to tell.

We are particularly sensitive to cultures, languages, gender and different ways of telling stories. Inclusion is a central part of our philosophy. We embrace and encourage different forms of storytelling with a view to affirming and strengthening the voice of each participant.

Applicants to this master class should submit a completed draft of their screenplay along with a one or two-page synopsis, a treatment if possible and a statement of purpose that includes their goals for the program and key problem areas they hope to address. We strongly encourage applications from those with one or two completed features to their credit, though that is not a requirement. All screenplays must be made available in English for review by the whole group.

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