Seminario de Manuscritos

Reaching the shore

con Verónica Murguía

Our manuscript seminars are intended for experienced writers of short stories or novels. Following a brief initial group meeting, individual manuscript consultations will be arranged within the scheduled framework. Our focus will be to excavate the core of each manuscript, paying attention to each writer’s unique voice and style, and to examine the various strata that form fictional worlds, from structural elements to the sense of enchantment and wonder. Depending on participant interest, we may also discuss outside readings and work on generative exercises. Participants must have work ready to submit six weeks prior to the beginning of the program. Enrollment is limited to six participants. Please note that admission to a Manuscript Seminar requires a 25-page sample drawn from the project you plan to work on during the program.

If you feel that your writing is in the middle of a storm and you can’t reach port; if the characters of your novel are lost at sea, or there is no wind under your sails, let’s travel together and bring your ship to shore. Carlos Fuentes used to say that writing is like traveling at sea; short stories are light, speedy crafts, novels are ponderous big ships, full of cargo and people. 

Let´s form a crew and sail together: there are lighthouses and stars to look for even in the most difficult straits.


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