with Cyrus Cassells

This master class will use the environment of Tepoztlán to shape a dynamic community of poets. We’ll workshop participant poems, with occasional prompts, and take a look at volcano-related and Mexico-linked works, including Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red, Carole Maso’s Frida Kahlo: Beauty is Convulsive and Claribel Alegria’s poem “Flowers from the Volcano.” Part of my expertise is encouraging poets to evoke a keener sense of place. On walks, we’ll venture into the striking area around Tepoztlán to create lyrical “deep maps” that investigate elements of history and locale. For instance, does a slope or a volcano have a soul—one a poet might convey? Our emphasis will be on risk-taking, sacred play and valuing one’s own work as a viable mirror—a source of self-wonder and revelation.

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