with Elizabeth Rosner

My approach to working on an individual manuscript is multi-faceted and process-driven, with a fundamental belief in allowing the book to guide my responses to it. I begin by reading through the entire work-in-progress in order to absorb and identify its most salient and successful qualities — for example, its effectiveness in building tension; its compelling voice; its originality of structure; etc.  My second read-through focuses on the places where the manuscript falls short of its own “best self” — such as, missed opportunities to develop an idea or a scene; digressions that hinder the book’s momentum; and so on.  With these recognitions, I can help the writer develop strategies to address such concerns in a subsequent revision.

I consider it a privilege to participate in such an intimate and personalized artistic relationship. Overall, I see my role as a curious investigator, someone whose trained eyes and ears can support the writer’s own meaningful path of discovery and revelation.

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