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with Tyrone Beason & Alicia Quiñones

In this master class designed for early- to mid-career working journalists we’ll use the lens of the pandemic to explore the ways in which the corona virus has changed the way we report and tell stories. Over the course of our three-week session, participants will be challenged to think more boldly about the issues that underlie the stories they normally write, and to conceive and develop a polished piece or proposal to submit for publication.

The pandemic has not only forced reporters to think differently about how to take ideas from concept to finished piece, especially when traveling, attending mass events and conducting face-to-face interviews could present a health risk.  It has also opened up rich avenues for investigative pieces that expose the underlying fault lines in societies across the globe.

Team taught by two seasoned reporters from the US and Mexico with expertise in human rights, social justice, politics and cultural change—and with distinguished guests from the realm of science journalism—this workshop is a chance to step back from the pressures of daily reporting, think more expansively about the role of journalism in our time and refine your most compelling ideas so they have the best chance of getting noticed and published in today’s fraught media climate.

We’ll examine the ways the virus has exposed deep disparities, divisions and tensions in our countries, how it affects social justice movements and how science has become a political tool for leaders from Latin America to the US and elsewhere.

While the pandemic is one of the great stories of our time, this master class will be valuable for journalists covering a wide variety of topics. No matter what type of story you have in mind, we’ll also focus on the writing process itself, as you develop, craft and polish at least one piece that not only captures the fall-out from this grave moment in human history but does so with context, insight, nuance and a flair that feels as if it only could have come from you.

NOTE: This master class is open to journalists working in either English or Spanish but will be taught in English. Individual mentoring in both languages will be provided by the relevant instructor.

Applicants should submit three story ideas as part of the required cover letter along with a sample clip or writing sample under their own byline.

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