The Details

Our Mexico program begins on a Friday evening with a weekend of shared meals and events that includes an opening reception, an initial workshop session and a faculty reading as well as time to explore the village and dive into writing.

Daily three-hour workshops meet Monday through Friday, with lunch provided for all participants. Work is generally distributed in advance by email, and printing is easily available on the village square if needed for subsequent submissions. Individual conferences are held throughout the week (please click on gallery thumbnails below to start slideshow).

Workshops convene from 9 am to 12 pm or from 1 pm to 4pm, with lunch shared by the whole group from noon to 1, leaving ample time for writing, relaxation and solitude. While specific workshops differ in format, they share a common goal: to offer highly motivated individuals an intensely sympathetic reading of their work, with strategic suggestions for revision.

Registration for each master class is limited to ten participants.  An 8-10 page writing sample is required for acceptance into any of the workshops.