Online Coaching

Magda BoginUnder the Volcano’s online workshops, known as pods, allow individuals or small clusters of writers to pursue their work with the same level of support and critique we offer in our Mexico master classes. Limited to three participants, our pods convene twice a month by Skype for 2-3 hours depending on the number of writers, with email submissions shared in advance.

Pod members have worked on projects ranging from memoir to short stories to essays and novels. UTV director, novelist and writer Magda Bogin, leads the online workshops and provides detailed written comments and feedback on all work.

Cost:$500/month; three month minimum commitment.

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“The past two years working with Magda Bogin have been some of the most productive in my life. I’ve grown exponentially as a writer, and I’ve drafted and revised my entire short story collection, bringing it to a place I couldn’t imagine on my own.  The time and money I’ve put toward the Pod are some of the best I’ve ever spent, as I’m not the same writer I was before working with Under the Volcano.” – Laura Leigh Morris, University of Texas, State College, TX


“Magda has a unique gift for coaching and guiding the writing of memoir; she is at one with the joyous and painful episodes of the human condition, and delights in the intrinsic value of each writer’s experience.“ – Gobi Stromberg, anthropologist and curator, Cuernavaca, Mexico


“Magda is the best reader of drafts I’ve ever encountered. She sees both the micro and the macro issues. Her feedback is honest and encouraging. The quality of writers I’ve been with has been excellent. I’d recommend one of her pods to anyone who wants a space to read, write and give and receive feedback.” – Ann Stanford, Vincent de Paul Professor of Literary and Inter-Disciplinary Studies, DePaul University, Chicago