2014 Participants are saying…

“Under the Volcano 2014 far exceeded my expectations or my imagination. I wrote a piece in a style that was new to me, and discovered a new voice.”Dinner in Cuernavaca after Poetry Reading

“Under the Volcano was exactly what I needed to stimulate me to write more frequently and with a heightened attention to word choices and phrasing. I wrote six poems in a week, and of those, I would say one was very good, and four more were keepers with some revision.”

“Such a conducive writing environment! The pueblo is unbelievably beautiful, and the food was amazing. Although I live on a gorgeous, tropical Caribbean island, I didn’t want to leave Tepoztlán to come home.”

“The organization by Magda Bogin was superb.”

“Faculty was top notch.”

“I felt I received much more than I paid for.”

2014 Writers from Cultural Journalism. Photo by Aysegul Savas.

And more from our eleven year history…

“The unexpected beauty of the village…left me spellbound; I’m still walking those cobblestoned streets, up the steep hills, turning a corner and stopping, dumbstruck at the bright colors of the ‘papel picado’ paper streamers festooning the streets and houses…All of it an enormous gift.”

“One of the most stimulating aspects was the diverse and talented mix of participants; as a group we made up a whole range of ages, backgrounds, outlooks, so there was never a lack of lively conversation or interesting viewpoints.”

“I came away with a great many new insights not only on the craft of writing, but also on techniques for teaching my own classes, which was an unexpected plus.”

“I’m still suffused with the warmth of Tepoztlán and the support of the group. The schedule offered just the right blend of work and holiday, and the right balance of group and independent meals. Best of all was the good will and generosity of all involved — the faculty as well as the participants.”Poetry Workshop Participants